Jandec Pty Ltd is a supplier of noise control materials for soundproofing and reverberation control with applications in the home, commercial and industrial buildings, the marine and transport industries and for industrial machinery.

QuietWave® is a high performance drywall noise barrier that delivers exceptional 6 star acoustic performance and at the same time being the thinnest possible wall system available.

Acoustiflex® F Noise Barrier and Sound Absorber is a flexible reinforced acoustic insulation for wall, ceiling, partitions, screens and floating floors. Applications include commercial and apartment buildings, cinemas, home theatre, lagging of air-conditioning and exhaust fan ducting, and soundproofing curtains and screens.

Angel Step® Acoustic Flooring Underlay combines an impact and sound absorber and vibration damping layer supplied in rolls as a carpet underlay. Alternatively, the sound absorber and vibration damping layer is available sandwiched between two noise barriers or with a single faced sound barrier as a tile or sheet. Ideal for floating floors in buildings.

The Echosorb® lightweight acoustic baffle system is especially designed for reverberation control in large areas such as assembly halls, indoor swimming pools, sports areas and factories. Echosorb® can reduce the overall noise by up to 10-12 dB or 50%.

Noiseshield® is another acoustic barrier and noise absorber which is a rigid laminate sound insulation alternative to Acoustiflex® F for machinery rooms and machine enclosures for compressors, pumps, generators and industrial machinery.

Acoustiflex® PL Acoustic Pipe Lagging for waste water and sewerage piping in apartments and attached buildings combines strength and flexibility which results in savings in installation time.

Acoustica high density polyester Soundbricks® with C. A. C. (Ceiling Attenuation Class) of 58 are an effective sound insulation method in ceiling spaces above partitioning.

Acoustica's Kliptex® Acoustic Fabric System for noise reverberation control consists of a decorative fabric that is installed over a high absorption foam material within the unique Kliptex® frame system. The fabric can be easily removed for cleaning or rotation. The Kliptex® system is ideal for retrofitting anywhere an architectural finish is required to solve a noise control problem.

Cheops® Pyramids, Acoustifoam® and Sonex® are open cell acoustic products for sound studios, recording studios and broadcast studios and are the most effective products to collect, dissipate, scatter and reflect sound energy.

Acoustica® Marine Floating Floor comprises two layers of marine ply, three layers of visco-elastic vibration damping membrane and a layer of high density (160 kg/m3) double needle punched polyester sound absorber.

Reflecta-Range is a patented acoustic insulation barrier suitable for use in walls, roofs, ceilings and under floors, reflecting up to 97% and emitting 3% of all radiant heat. It has a patented coating to stop oxidization, corrosion and anti-slip component for added safety.

Acoustica® Rigid Duct (ARD) is a high density polyester 'white batt' with a thermally bonded perforated foil to one side for internal lining of ducts and air-conditioning plenums.

Vybar® Marine is a rigid noise barrier laminate specifically engineered to absorb and control noise in the main and auxiliary engine enclosures and to line partitions and bulkheads, but is flexible and suitable for irregular surfaces.

Aeropac® is a silent and healthy acoustic ventilation system providing fresh filtered air in locations where windows need to be closed in order to avoid noise an unpleasant fumes.


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